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Part Wolf

alaskan malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is similar to a wolf.

Malamutes are large breeds that are loyal and have a sense of freedom with a family. They howl like wolves though also rarely bark. Living with a Malamute is interesting because they are constantly devoted to their family. They are a strong breed that requires attention and tolerance of their size. Malamutes are good with children and carry the spirit of a wolf when you hear them howl.

The Power of Therapy Dogs

golden retriever

Golden Retrievers make great pets and therapy dogs!

Many people know what service dogs are. Dogs intended to assist people with disabilities whether it be physical or psychological. Service dogs can hold an item for you such as a bag or dvd if necessary. They can open doors or even grab you a beer ( the beer service dog just has a wonderful trainer it is slightly a service ). But therapy dogs are just the calmest and nicest of dogs that are there for you when you need a friend or some unconditional love. Therapy dogs are brought in when someone who is in need of help physically or psychologically needs comfort. After what happened in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival service dogs were brought into hospitals to assist those who had suffered trauma. Different dog breeds have a certain affect on different people. Many different people love Pit Bulls, Labradors and German Shepherds. But the therapy dogs in Vegas seemed to be all Golden Retrievers. Having owned a Golden Retriever as a child I know that they are a dog that can make you laugh, surprise you and make you marvel at their athleticism. They are one of the calmer and mellow breeds that exist. For the Golden Retriever or any therapy dog we must give thanks to those who have raised the therapy dog to be a therapy dog. These dogs show us the calming power an animal can have on people who are in need of relaxation and stress relief. If there is a cure for life's hard times I would love to think that the power of therapy dogs are a great asset.

vegas strong

The Truth


The Dachshund pictured above can be feisty and was bred for the badger!

If you have ever been around a dog that you didn't know and you're a dog lover or a dog greeter. When you are introduced to an unknown dog walking or doing anything wouldn't you like the truth. Lets face it dog owners are embarrassed to tell people or perfect strangers that their dogs may be mean. Or did you all of a sudden find out when you said "Hi" to a dog you didn't know. The scenario could be this, I'm walking through a park and a young woman is walking her dachshund. I know the breed can be feisty so I shy away from the dog but in this case the dachshund is interested in me. The young woman stops and asks her dog, "What are you looking at, do you want to say "Hi". I respond, "Is your dog nice"? Then the young woman states "Yes, he's so friendly!" I take her advice and pet the dog and all goes well. I got the truth and the dog was nice. Not to be hateful of the breed but I also got the truth at a dog show where me and a friend were almost attacked by a pack of dachshunds. We were however told that those dachshunds weren't pleasant. I have advice for owners of dogs, if your dog likes people let the dog socialize. If your dog hates people it still hasn't learned how to socialize. Finally, if you're surprised one day when your dog bites someone for the first time you'll have some work to do or a lawsuit. In any manner, tell the truth to be mean or not to be mean that is the question.

Boxer Blues

boxer painting

I love being around a dog that is should I say tough looking. I don't mean that in a bad way it's something that is difficult to explain. My memory of the Boxer I was able to meet at a friends house is a great memory. A friend of mine had two Boxers both were well behaved and funny. They would greet you and beg for attention. I was happy to give them that great attention and hang out with them. For years these two Boxers were great companions and friendly to everyone that they had encountered. Unfortunately one day things changed with the dogs. One of the Boxer's contracted Lyme Disease a disease carried by ticks that can cause a dog discomfort. Lyme Disease usually lies dormant and is not too serious. However if it does affect a dog you will know because it usually affects a dog's joints. Limping is one of the main symptoms of Lyme Disease. In any event, the Boxer did have Lyme Disease and it did cause him discomfort. He began to become aggressive towards friends of the family. For the most part situations that he was normally accustomed to became strange to him. This Boxer still treated his family with respect and unconditional love. The aches and pains he was experiencing fueled aggression in his mind. To put it bluntly he was not a dog you would want to be around if you weren't his owner. I have been around dogs that had Lyme Disease in a hospital setting and they were sick but usually tired rather than aggressive. For the Boxer his years became numbered as his health declined. He was loved until the end by his family. It was just sad to know he was a little too angry for his many other friends to enjoy his company. He bit and showed aggression towards multiple people leading up to his sad departure.

Caution Bully Head!

american staffordshire terrier

With all of the dogs coming into an animal hospital you begin to find different behavior. Some dogs like certain things and some don't. Whether a particular dog is comfortable or not depends on many things. First of all most dogs and cats hate being take to an animal hospital. This is a proven fact that everyone should know. Another fact is that people will lie through their teeth regarding a dog or cat's peculiar behavior. An owner may be embarrassed to admit how aggressive their dog or cat is. Either that or all of a sudden their feline or canine has snapped. Now Pit bull's are notoriously known to be confrontational. They are extroverted and outgoing. They love to be the boss and in charge. Sometimes this is fun and sometimes it is not. I met a pair of large Pit bull's one day in an animal hospital that were happy and grumpy. The smaller of the two Pit bull's allowed me to pet her and scratch behind her ears. While the larger of the two females was dodging, pacing and would smell my hand. However, when I went to touch her head she backed away and stood her ground. She did this a few times which didn't really surprise me. Rather it made me reach into my knowledge to not try to touch her head. The owner of the two dogs was also slightly agitated at her behavior. I believe it scared him quite a bit. Most people would say put your hand out let the dog smell it and give the dog a good hello touch. For me if you can't touch a dog's head your in trouble. The intelligent side of me said just let the dog smell your hand. So I did, I didn't touch or attempt to touch her head again. Rather, I let her smell my hand and she moved sideways so I rubbed her side. She enjoyed it and the ordeal was over. To me it is much more fun when you know or own a dog where you can touch their head. If your putting your hand to a dog's nose to let it smell you. It's much closer to it's mouth where if it is agitated like this "Pittie" was. It can bite you easily. One thing is for sure the jousting of touching a dog in some instances is like a guessing game. The easiest thing for me is to feed it a snack and if their is doubt, touch ever so calmly and slowly. Sometimes literally a little bit of touch is all a dog needs! In the grand scheme of things you should be able to touch a well trained and well cared for dog on the head, stomach, sides or back. However, for some reasons not only dogs but cats do not like being touched in certain areas. It is almost a process of elimination because you don't know until the animal may show aggression or flee the situation when touched in a certain area. Sometimes it could take months or years for a dog or cat to trust you to touch them in a certain area or at all depending on their mind set for whatever reason. The main two reasons being abuse or neglect even if it was on a small scale. Other dogs like the German Shepherd Dog in particular only become attached to one person and may not feel comfortable with strangers!

Dust The Mutt! The Heroic!

dusty the heroic

Whether you've been around a charismatic dog when you were younger or older. You usually remember how that dog made you laugh or made you wonder. When I was younger we had a dog named Dusty. He was always in the dirt and had a fluffy coat that attracted dirt. Just imagine a dry duster and that was his coat. He would run around without a leash simply because it was allowed in the neighborhood. Dusty would come and go as he pleased playing with other dogs. He was sort of the alpha dog of the neighborhood. I was so young that all I can remember about him was his black and gray coat and his energy. Being able to run free surely made his day. Dogs do not like being chained whether it be to a run or what have you. They need room to roam to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately for Dusty one day his roaming privileges were misfortunate. As was common practice for some of the other dogs in the neighborhood. They would chase traffic driving by. Almost every time a vehicle drove by a dog would bark and become excited at the chase. On this day one of the dog's that Dusty played with decided to chase a particular car. Dusty was not pleased with his friend's decision and tried to intervene. He tried to stop his canine friend from chasing the car and ended up being hit by a car. It was his alpha decision to stop another dog from doing something dangerous. That ended up getting him hit by the car. Luckily there was no damage physically to him though mentally I'm sure he was having second thoughts. Dusty helped a fellow dog and hurt himself. However, since he thought he was the alpha dog he would exhibit this behavior time and time again. We still let him run free and he still was happy as a clam. Besides, his status as alpha dog may have made him crazy. If we demoted him to yard dog. It is highly suggested to limit your dogs capabilities to chasing vehicles by putting up a fence whether it be traditional or electric.

What Dog Would Tyrannosaurus Rex Be?

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We all know that Rex is a popular name for a dog. But what dog would T-Rex be if we could compare an apple to a watermelon. T-Rex had the great stripes of a brindle dog breed and the teeth of a hunting dog like a golden retriever, he obviously had the size of a mastiff and the speed of a terrier. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the ultimate predator so his instinct to hunt could be rivaled by a Scottish Deerhound. The tenacity which T-Rex was labeled with could be compared to a Pit bull though he had no one to antagonize him. If all of these dogs were bred together in their various gene pools would they make a T-Rex dog? We may never know although it would be interesting to create a dog that could be called Tyrannosaurus dog! All jokes aside I may not want to own it!

Service Dogs Are The Most Intelligent

german shepherd service dog

Every time you meet a service dog you should be amazed. When it is a German Shepherd it is always incredible. One day while I was working in a restaurant I happened to meet an amazing German Shepherd. The dog's owner was elderly and had trouble seeing and performing simple tasks. She was very polite and her German Shepherd was large. She sat down with her dog next to her. The German Shepherd was old but still had plenty of intelligence. I kindly helped the woman and after she needed to do what she came to the restaurant for, I commented on how beautiful her German Shepherd was. Then I asked if I could say Hi and she kindly said yes! As I got to saying hello to the dog with some good old love. She told me that her German Shepherd was a service dog. I was curious as to what the dog was trained to do so she showed me a simple trick. She gave the dog a snack but did not allow the dog to eat the snack. So her German Shepherd held the snack in it's mouth and did not eat it. Then the dog gave it back. The owner did this many times until she allowed the dog to eat the snack. It was something I had never seen before. The owner went on to tell me that her German Shepherd Dog knew about one hundred commands. That was a wow factor what a brain this dog had. The one assistance command this dog knew that was impressive was retrieving a tissue box for her. I've been around quite a few German Shepherd's some great and others wildly out of control. But just like a service dog should be calm, as calm as a cucumber this dog was. What a great calm, happy, loveable dog. Since I always wonder about protection dog's. I asked the owner if this dog was protective or trained to be. It turned out that her German Shepherd was never trained to protect and never had to. However, the bond that these two shared moved me to assume that this dog would be a great guardian if need be. For me, I was happy to see a German Shepherd so docile and smart. On the other hand I had to hand it to that elderly woman. She was a great trainer and had my deepest respect to do it with a dog as amazing and tough as a German Shepherd surely is!

Dogs and Deer Rarely Encounter Each Other Like This

deer vs german shepherd dog

If you live in a neighborhood surrounded by nature you would think that you would find an abundance of deer. These days with the lack of predators it seems like deer and turkey can be seen everywhere. Rarely do dogs encounter deer in the wild unless you're walking through the woods and your dog happens upon a deer. In the wild, deer are more at home and can allude to where a dog may be present. However, in a residential neighborhood a dog might be able to surprise a deer because deer are less at home or comfortable. In this story a German Shepherd Dog was off its leash around some young men playing basketball when a deer from out of nowhere snuck up on the three of them ever so unexpectedly. For the Shepherd this encounter sparked its protective nature and it attacked the deer when the young men playing basketball panicked! The deer had no chance and died from the bite it received to its neck. Deer can be very dangerous to be near since they are a wild animal. A buck can gore someone to death with its antlers and any deer could charge and kick with its front or back legs. Luckily for the young men playing ball, the German Shepherd was present to make sure something drastic didn't happen. The dog may have overreacted to some but to those who know the German Shepherd it was why the breed is owned, to protect against all threats !



Rottweilers in Germany are also called Metzgerhunds translated to Butcher Dogs !

The Rottweiler is used for the blind as well as search and rescue for law enforcement !

The Rottweiler originated in Germany where it was nicknamed the "Butcher". It was nicknamed this because it used to pull carts with meat that had been butchered. The Rottweiler had been used to herd livestock. Today this dog breed is more of a police and guard dog. Built to guard a Rottweiler may grow upwards of over 150 lbs. The breed standard is 100-130 lbs and from 22-28 inches at the shoulder males being heavier and taller than females. Their name is part of the German town Rottweil where it originated from. Black and tan or black and mahogany are the main stand out colors that this dog breed is known for. The Rottweiler is a muscular breed from head to toe and requires adequate exercise to maintain a healthy figure. Owning a loyal intelligent breed like this requires trust and discipline. Though labeled as an attack dog. When Rottweilers are placed in the proper environment they like to work and should be obedient. For the right owner this dog breed is surprisingly smart and a great friend. If you leave the physical barrier of this dog behind, surely you will be impressed with some Rottie love. Rottweilers are a great asset for anyone that likes big dogs ! Rottweilers can make great service dogs with the proper training and trust.

My Experience With A Greyhound Pit bull Mix

pitbull greyhound mix

Another interesting dog that I walked at a rescue was a Greyhound Pit bull mix. It is always interesting to be around anything mixed with a Pit bull. This particular dog was very tall and muscular. He was well behaved upon taking him from his kennel and not so content on being taken back. With all rescue dog's, new handlers sometimes scare them. Certain dog's get used to certain handlers and that is that. Upon taking this mix out for a walk everything was great he was such a fast dog. We walked around the field a few times and we had such great fun. I gave him a few treats and started training him on how to sit. I was not too hard on this dog and never really had a strict regiment for him. I just liked the fact that he had some Pit bull genes in him. It's always fun to be around a mixed breed of dog you never know what type of temperament or intelligence they will have. When it was all said and done he did not want to go back into his kennel but rather off in an unknown direction. It took me about fifteen minutes to get him to go into the right direction and with the help of a toy he went back into his kennel. Over the next couple of weeks I got to walk him again and again and he became even more obedient and much happier. Eventually it was just like a walk in the park for him. He went on to get rescued and I was so proud and happy to assist in the dog rescue world. Being patient and not giving up on what I thought would help actually turned out to work well with that dog. He was big and had a few faults but in the end everything turned out great.

American Bulldog Breed Info

american bulldog

American Bulldogs were originally intended to be completely white in color !

Originating in the United States of America, the American Bulldog is the epitome of fearless. This breed is a versatile farm dog that can protect or maneuver livestock and even pull weight if needed. American Bulldogs love to be with their family and have a comic like personality. They do need room to roam to maintain a healthy weight. They stand from 20-24 inches and weigh from 85-120 lbs. Hunters use these dogs to catch wild boar by the ear or neck and hold the boar. This requires immense strength and courage and that is what American Bulldogs possess. Though they are intimidating physically. Deep down inside they are loveable sweethearts that love their family and love to sleep in the same bed with their owner. The American Bulldog can be dog aggressive and over protective of their family if not trained properly. Obedience should be done in the form of patience, treats and love. One must expect that if they love their American Bulldog as they do their family that this breed will show immense loyalty. They are known to be tolerant of larger dogs but maybe not small breeds of dogs. Their coat is white, brindle or white with markings. American Bulldogs are great to have in the woods. This breed is a great dog to own for those who may wish for a muscular breed but deep down inside want a controllable dog. When trained properly, they are one of the most entertaining dogs in the world.

Chihuahua vs. Pit bull

small chihuahuaamerican pitbull terrier

I read a statistic the other day which stated that over a thirty year span. Pit bulls have killed almost 300 people and have mauled and injured about 3,400 men, women and children. Throughout my entire time volunteering and walking Pit bull's I have never had a problem walking a Pit bull. The worst thing that has ever happened to me while walking a Pit bull was a dog deciding to attack the leash. This surprised me and made me uncomfortable but it was a minor set back. Of course there is always the idiot who realizes that a Pit bull is muscular and treats it like a masculine moment. Using a dog as a weapon, well he learned his lesson.

Now, I would like to discuss the Chihuahua. A dog that I was recently able to take care of at a dog rescue. Chihuahuas are small, fearless, barking dogs. For many people they are sweethearts and lap dogs. In my case they dislike me. The first Chihuahua I was set to walk could only be walked by chosen people at a rescue. Then it was able to be walked by anyone. This shows how temperamental the breed is. When I did walk this particular dog, it was tentative and worried until I introduced it to other Chihuahuas then it liked me. Other Chihuahuas conformed, but still were always unable for me to be taken lightly. The final Chihuahua I became acquainted with stared me down let me walk him fine and then tried to attack me for no reason. Luckily I can read a dog's body language so I wasn't oblivious to its plot. For me Pit bull's and Bully breeds are calm and the Chihuahua is too small and unpredictable. In other words, the Chihuahua is not a dog for me. They haven't supposedly killed hundreds of people. The question is, if I owned a Chihuahua and everyone like me owned a Chihuahua would there be a high attack and fatal statistics? The answer to that is probably no. I must add I love all dogs and maybe one day I'll change my mind and own a Chihuahua. I have become acquainted with the Miniature Pinscher so it's a start.

When Pit bull's are not surrendered to rescues at an alarming rate. People will finally breathe a sigh of relief and think. I'm so glad the right people decided to own these dogs the world is a much safer place!

Tough Cane Corso!

cane corso

Every dog lover has a dog that they are in love with, obsessed with and curious about. For me reading about the Cane Corso and seeing how striking and tough they behave. Made me a fan from day one. The only problem was that they are not too common of a dog. If you are not Italian or into guard dogs. Perhaps you've never heard of one before. I have been lucky enough to see them at dog shows where there was only one. As well as in Pet co, where there was a pair rescued from a Brooklyn owner. However nothing will compare to the beauty that I met in a veterinary hospital. It was a quiet day and a woman called regarding what she called an Italian Mastiff. There are two Italian Mastiff's the Neapolitan Mastiff and the Cane Corso. This was a Cane Corso a dog that I couldn't believe I was finally going to meet in a personal setting. When she entered into the hospital her bluish gray color was magnificent as well as her size. She had to have weighed at least 150 pounds. As I began to speak with the owner and ask her how she acquired the dog and what her dog's behavior was like. I became enamored with this beautiful dog and curiously asked if she was protective. Everything I have read and seen about the Cane Corso has made me respect that they are a true guard dog. She simply said that the dog was well behaved and calm. That would be thrown out of the door in a veterinary hospital from my experience. Some dog's like hospital's and some simply do not. I decided to approach her Cane Corso to say Hi and this dog was having none of it. The dog growled slightly and snorted as if to say back off. I was hesitant, however the owner insisted that her dog was fine. All the while explaining to me that she had never acted like that before. My thoughts were, is this dog man aggressive, skittish or is it vicious and I'm being lied to? Then I thought with all of these things I'm thinking I'm probably scaring the dog. So I looked away, shuffled up to her and she smelled my hand I touched her slightly and that was it. We made friends cautiously and happily. I was being cautious with this dog and it worked. The owner seem none to pleased but with her dog's surprising behavior. I however, was not effected because I knew this breed might behave as if it were in a Roman Legion fighting in a war. Unfortunately dogs don't always conform to veterinary hospitals and this breed should be respected. Me not looking at this female Cane Corso and acting submissive while still reaching out to say "Hello". Ensured that we were on even ground and no intimidation was present.

Another Happy Pit bull!

bull terrier

Pictured is a Bull Terrier which in many ways resembles the Pit bull

When you hear all of the stereotypes and are subjected to the horror of the media. You begin to wonder about what Pit bull's are like. If you can match what is true and what is false you begin to feel better. I'm still a doubter when it comes to certain Pit bull's but yet still a believer. The one fact that I must emphasize is that if you're a true Pit bull lover. Chances are your Pit bull is a sweetheart. If you're not ready or willing to accept a Pit bull as your best friend, child or with a strong bond. You should not own a Pit bull! I have an open mind and a fascination with bully breeds and Pit bull's. The day I met a young Pit bull at a rescue was a great day. She was only about fifty pounds and had a slender look similar to a bull terrier but she was a Pit bull. I walked directly to her kennel, gave her a snack and talked to her. I then proceeded to be bombarded with her excitement as she jumped and barked. She exclaimed, "Let me out of this cage". I replied "Oh you beauty calm down now!" After that I carefully opened up her kennel and blocked the opening so she couldn't run out. I then proceeded to harness her after securing a slip knot leash over her head. We went outside and this lightly tanned brindle sweetheart had her tongue hanging out and was so alive. I got her to give me her paw and she sat on command. I was in control of her and it felt great. I was in complete control of that Pit bull. For me this dog was a victory where others who I eventually took control of, Just had different personalities and different appearances. For me this dog was a fit and the others though obedient, did not connect the same as they were more masculine. Over the course of a few weeks I would walk her and she would jump and try to kiss me. Something I don't recommend you do with a dog or any animal. But something that means you have a real bond. When you can trust an animal near your face there is a true bond. When our walks ended I was left with a memory of a breed of dog. That is banned, mistreated, discriminated against and wrongfully owned. For me with the proof of great behavior in the pudding of how docile and sweet this dog was. Made me think simply that some dog's are nice and some are naughty. Breed does not matter it's one hundred percent owner and attitude. With a little bit of genetics in reference to the dog.

Raccoon vs American Bulldog!

budly the american bully

There are many different breeds of dog's that have been bred to hunt. The popularity of the notion is not always at the top of list. In most cases today dog's are used to drive game such as deer or bears. In other instances their are dog's that can grab and catch boar with their mouths. Wild animals are dangerous and could easily harm a hunting dog. This is usually why people are against the sport of using a dog to hunt. One night while I was at a party hanging out with friends and my American Bulldog. We were all having fun, eating and talking on a nice summer night. My American Bulldog had the run of the yard since there was an electric fence. He was a good dog even though on occasion he would bark at a car or person walking by. By nature all Bulldogs are protective and they have the muscle to be protective. As the night was coming to an end I was walking down the stairs on my deck. Suddenly I heard something take off. Then I heard my dog in a battle barking and yelping with another noise of something growling and hissing. I ran over to the side of the yard to see what it was. It was a Raccoon engaged with my American Bulldog. I walked right up to the battle and saw the Raccoon locked on to my American Bulldog's upper lip. The Raccoon would not let go and my American Bulldog would not stop or retreat either. I ran into the house grabbed a Swiffer and hit the Raccoon on the head to stop the fight. Finally the Raccoon let go and my American Bulldog watched as the Raccoon staggered away injured. The Raccoon was bitten on it's back leg's and was injured badly. I took my dog inside to investigate his injuries. He had cuts on his lips but other that that he was fine. My biggest concern was that he may have gotten rabies. My other concern was if I was touching infected rabid blood that the Raccoon had smeared all over my dog's lips. The Raccoon apparently had hid across the street. Later on that night the Police came and shot it and tested it for rabies. The rabies test was negative so I was relieved. If my dog was not out there with me that Raccoon could have turned and attacked me. Though many a dog would lose a battle with a Raccoon. When it came down to it my American Bulldog held his ground. It was a horror of an encounter and I was glad when it ended. For me it defined the American Bulldog breed as fearless and capable. Luckily for me my American Bulldog met that Raccoon before I did or the ending may have been horrible.

A Wary Neapolitan Mastiff!

neapolitan mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is one of the largest dogs in the world. With that being said it could easily own a world record for being the largest dog in the world. Many people fall under the assumption that big dogs are "gentle giants". Neapolitan Mastiffs are guard dogs and completely built to guard and be a watchdog. These Italian Mastiffs can easily reach 200 pounds or more and stand up as tall as a man. A Neapolitan Mastiff attack is rare because outside of Italy this breed is not extremely popular like the German Shepherd Dog. For one stranger on a normal day the Neapolitan Mastiff was almost his demise. As the story goes a young man was at home relaxing with his Neapolitan Mastiff. An acquaintance did not knock at the door but slightly opened the door and surprised the young man and his Neapolitan Mastiff. The Mastiff took this meeting as an encounter. Scared, it attacked and caused the man to slam the door and retreat. Since Mastiffs are so large and large minded at that. They will usually never back down and if their owner is showing fear like in this case. They will not back down and will attack. The dog never accepted that man again whenever he was in the company of the Neapolitan Mastiff.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety!

tibetan terrier

During the summer months most of us go on vacation. Dog owners may also go on vacation at random times during the year. Boarding your dog or leaving your dog with a friend or relative are almost always the options. Lets just say you are leaving your dog behind when you go on vacation. Some people may be able to bring their furry friend but not usually. Some dogs do not cope well with being in an unfamiliar place. In fact when a dog is separated from its owner it can become distressed. Separation anxiety can come out of the blue to affect your dog. Some of the symptoms that may be noticeable to your dog's care taker or temporary home can be quite disturbing. These symptoms include vomiting, bite aggression towards furniture or aggression in general, restlessness, depression, lack of appetite and disobedience. The German Shepherd Dog in particular has been to known to completely ignore any command given to it by a stranger. What can be done to eliminate the separation anxiety some dogs possess? If your dog is from the age of 8 months to 2 years and you haven't gone on vacation and left him or her behind. You would be completely surprised with the dog's behavior. You wouldn't know how your dog would react without the situation happening. On the other hand if you do know your dog suffers from separation anxiety. Leaving them with a friend or relative may be your best option. Boarding at a veterinary hospital or kennel that you truly trust is also a choice. Hopefully you can introduce your dog to its new care taker so the dog can build up its trust. Patience, snacks, games, walks and toys are a great way to keep a dog happy no matter who its temporary handler is. We all love our dogs as much as we can. Separation anxiety is a disorder which proves that dogs love their owners with all their hearts as well. It also goes to show that there is a real special bond between an owner or family and a dog.

Golden Owner!

golden retriever

I'm always around someone with a dog. I would like to call it an extension of me. Granted on occasion it may not be the ideal dog owner. However, for the most part the dog owners I know are great and then some. One fine day I was at a party for a friend and I happened to bring up the conversation of dogs. Something I always do which some may like and others well may not. For me I love dogs but you can't please everyone. I have been around Golden Retrievers as an owner and as a friend of the breed. This particular Golden Retriever was living under an unfortunate set of circumstances. She was a diabetic dog. Yes, that's right this Golden Retriever had diabetes. Diabetes can be acquired by a dog through a gene pool or hereditary and being overweight. These are the two most common ways a dog can become diabetic. For this Golden Retriever the disease was hereditary. Medical records were acquired tracing the diabetes to a previous mama dog. Unfortunately for the dog diabetes is serious. Fortunately the dog's owner was understanding and provided the proper medical care. Many dogs that have become inflicted with diabetes or any other serious disease may not be so well understood. They may be euthanized in a last ditch effort to save money and time. In this case the owner would administer insulin shots and take the necessary precautions to ensure quality of life. The owner was great and to me showed great respect for a dog. By caring for the dog no matter what and basically taking time out of their own life to accommodate the dog. I think it is a great testament to how dedicated some dog owners are to their dogs. On one hand there is a group of dog owners that may not pay those expensive bills. They also may not put their life on hold to sustain their dog. On the other hand there are many people that are true dog owners that may break their back to ensure that their dog is happy no matter what.

Bully Rescue Fun!


Being around distressed dog's is usually not fun. Let's face it many dog's hate being in cages. Especially in a rescue setting where they are in cages for long periods of time. Dogs become distressed in cages. They bark, jump become frustrated and will do anything to get out of that cage. I was lucky enough to volunteer at a rescue where I could walk these dogs. I took it upon myself to give them a treat a nice long walk and try to give some of these dog's trust. The peculiar thing about this rescue was that it was not a Pit bull rescue. But almost 80% of the dog's were Pit bull or Pit bull mixes. For me at first it was intimidating taking them out of there cages. Doing it skillfully at that so they wouldn't escape as not all of the dog's Pit bull or not were dog friendly. I began to get to know some of the leash biters, clowns, sweethearts and intimidators. Pit bull's of all sizes, colors and mixes were my fun for a few hours a day. For me the happiness was getting to know a dog that is feared and unpredictable. But since I had owned an American Bulldog, a cousin if you will to the Pit bull. It was a walk in the park for me in terms of my safety. I was more concerned about dog on dog problems or dog on idiot problems. I would run with the dogs, feed, relax with them and put up with there disobedience. All the while learning there behavior and adjusting to each individual dog. Some of the Pit bull's had a strong personality almost stubborn like. They would pull on the leash, bite on the leash and try and walk me. Others were easy going and would lay down and relax. As the dog's got used to me they began to behave and kick those bad habits. Volunteering with Pit bull's was an interesting experience for me. For others I volunteered with who claimed to have been bitten. I couldn't figure out if they might have thought of the dog as a gun. In any fashion they were bitten somehow maybe it was a dog that just couldn't be trained or owned. For the world the fault of a dog bite is usually always the dog's fault. In my opinion you never know why but both parties involved just didn't gel. Having fun with Pit bull's is something that was different for me. You never know what each Pit bull will be like in a rescue setting. Since I didn't walk all of them I may never know if one may not have clicked with me. I know that in a rescue and with a Pit bull. My patience, persistence and love of the breed made me feel incredibly safe and filled with joy. To know that if I wanted to just take a Pit bull for a walk. There was nothing stopping me but I did need to definitely 100% know the personality of the dog I was walking.

Great New Toy!

cat with toy

Cat toys are a great way to channel your cat's energy towards play. Especially if your cat is full of energy and uses it in ways that you dislike. My cat is always flying around the house and investigating doors he can open. Not to mention eating bags and just being inquisitive of anything he can investigate. The old teaser I bought him was ripped to shreds so I bought him a new toy. The new toy is the joy of his life. He will chase it around and use his stealth to catch it. Once he catches it whether it be with one paw or both. My cat will reach into his killer cat mind and try to suffocate it. It allows him to exercise and reach inside the inner cat in him. A cat that is not allowed to go outside. I believe the toy appeases him because he can hear the birds outside but he can't hunt them. Therefore he hunts the pink birdie on the toy that we play with. To have the ideal experience of playing a game with him. I direct the toy to places I want him to go. Since the toy is a teaser it is very effective. If you don't know what a cat teaser it is a wand with a string attached to a toy. I like to think of it as a cat magic wand. I simple point the teaser to the cat the toy spins in the air on a string and the cat attacks it. If I point to the top of the chair my cat goes there. When it is time for my cat to take a timeout I direct him to my bedroom with the teaser and shut the door so he can rest. You can even set up an obstacle course and use the teaser to guide him through it.

Rescue Out Of A Shed!


Rescuing an animal is always fun. In this case the black cat that I rescued was amongst many other cats in a shed. The woman responsible for keeping all the cat's was cordial and invative. I was told about her particular rescue by a friend. The thought of having a cat excited me so I decided to visit her rescue. It took about forty five minutes to reach the destination. The rescue was a shed hidden within the woods of a small town. There were winding streets and plenty of foliage. When I got to the rescue and realized it was not your usual professional rescue. But rather a shed filled with cats of all types of sizes, colors, ages and temperaments. I was not only amazed but also intrigued at the make shift cat house. I began talking to the woman who owned the rescue as she quizzed me to make sure I was a good candidate to rescue one of her cat's. I told her basically what she wanted to know and proceeded to the shed to rescue a cat. When I entered the shed it was dark and there were cats laying around on various cat furniture. Some of the cat's were in cages because they were not so nice. These cats were not available to me as they were in stress. Meaning they were feral and vicious cats that just hadn't accepted domestic life yet. I spotted a small black cat laying calmly on some cat furniture. She had that slender small look I yearned for. She was a beauty and since I think black cats are wonderful I picked her. It was a great and new experience seeing all those cat's in that shed. Some were ready for new homes and others were either feral or needed special treatment medically. I'll never forget that wonderful shed. I also have a great respect for the cat rescuers out there that keep lives continuing. Whether it be a feral cat or any other type of cat even if the rescue is in a shed.